3 Weeks to RTB – Recap of week 2

I posted my 5 week plan that I made for leading up to Wellington Round the Bays half marathon and the update on the first week on how things went. This is my second week update!

This is a recap of how the second week went. It was an relatively easy week of running with a few rest days leading on to my first event of this year The Tussock Traverse 26k trail run. So here is what happened in week 2.

Monday – 21st Jan – REST DAY! Apart from going for a walk I just chilled out. And being a public holiday (Wellington Anniversary day) it was nice just to chill out!

Tuesday – 22nd Jan – planned 10k @ 80% effort at about 4:40 pace. Managed to do this relatively easily with even splits. Jogged 1k so total of 11ks.

Wednesday – 23rd Jan – 14k run at about 4:30 pace. I did about 12kms at this pace and slowed down the last 2km to recover. Total 14kms done.

Thursday – 24th Jan – 10km easy pace as a recovery run. Did this one at about 5:30 pace. Lots of stretching and foam rolling to relax the muscles before the Saturday race.

Friday – 25th Jan – REST DAY! Drove to Tongariro National Park!

Saturday – 26th JanThe Tussock Traverse – read the full race recap here!

Sunday – 27th Jan – Rest day! Easy 2hr walk in Natiional Park and a relaxing day!

RTB Week 2 Recap

RTB Week 2 Training Recap

So here’s to the next three weeks of running leading up to Wellington Round The Bays remaining injury free!

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