5 Weeks to Wellington Round the Bays Half Marathon

It’s day one of my 5 week (35 days) lead up to the Wellington Round the Bays Half Marathon. One of my readers requested that I post my plan. First up: DISCLAIMER – if you are thinking of using this plan there are a few things to be aware of. This is a plan that I created based on my previous running experience and also based on my goals. I have been running relatively injury free for 3 years now and my weekly mileage is about 60-70km per week on average. Only follow this plan if you can run a 5km race in about 21-22mins on average at 4.05 to 4.15 per km pace.

5 Week Half Marathon

5 Week Half Marathon Plan for Round the Bays 2013

Week 1 – Mon 14th Jan to Sun 20th (Yes 7days of running and a big week) – cumulative target 100km for the week. This is the most km that I have attempted to run in a week. Note that the 5km race on Tuesday is the Wellington Scottish 5km race and I will run that at about 80% not 100% followed by an easy 5k recovery. I have two Hill runs mainly because Week 2 on Saturday I am running the Tussock Traverse trail race of 26km. You can reduce the number of km on these days or just rest. Like I said this plan is mainly for me. 🙂

Week 2 – Mon 21st to Sun 27th Jan – Starts with a rest day on Monday and this week is about just getting some runs done and then heading over to Tongariro for the Tussock Traverse on Saturday 26th. (I’ll post a race report after the 26th)

Week 3 – Mon 28th Jan to Sun 3rd Feb – Total 80km week with some solid runs but easy and a rest day.

Week 4 – Mon 3rd Feb to Sun 10th Feb – Starting to taper and down to 60km average. No racing or fast runs just easy runs and lots of massage and foam rolling.

Week 5 – Race week! Mon 11th Feb to Sun 17th (Race Day!) – Lots of rest, recovery stretching and taking it easy. Sunday Race Day!

There you have it! That’s my plan. Also I do strength sessions on Mon – Wed – Fri when I feel I am able to. Nothing strenuous but exercises using a wobble cushion to stabilize and strengthen my core and lower legs.

Good luck and keep running!

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