Wellington Round the Bays Training Hotspots

If you are a runner in Wellington (New Zealand) here are some great options for running trails – check out the “Runners Guide to Wellington” it’s a great book. And for those of you in the UK (In London) there is also a “Runners Guide to London” e-book version!

A Runner's Guide

So you’re one of the 13,000 entrants in this year’s AMI Round the Bays. By now, two weeks out from the event, you should have a nice base of running mileage behind you. So the next week or so, before you begin your taper, is about sharpening up with some quality workouts.

Even top runners can’t run a personal best without workouts or build up races. It’s important to inject some speed into your legs, remind your lungs what it’s like to run fast, and get some of that eye-of-the-tiger factor back into your running.

So today (Friday 1 February) is just over two weeks out from the big race. Over this time it’s a good idea to set aside two to four days for quality (faster) running, with one of these sessions being quite intense. These workouts might include:

  • a session of 1k reps (3-6 reps at your 5k…

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