Hello and welcome to my blog! Mostly you will read about running and fitness related posts and a bit of day to day happenings of my life as an ‘ordinary’ runner dreaming of extraordinary things. I live and work in Wellington, New Zealand, which is in my opinion is one of the most running friendly places in the world. This is not only in terms of people but also in terms of access to running/walking trails and interesting places to explore within 20 mins from the CBD.

I started running in 2010 after a reasonable period of inactivity (meaning I was getting a bit round around the edges and wasn’t really feeling well). Prior to 2010 I had done a fair bit of track running in college a few decades ago. My track event was the 400 & 800meters and I really wasn’t going to go to the Olympics 🙂 but still was good enough to win an odd regional school event back in the day. As time passed and during my adult life i kept myself reasonably ‘fit’ to a level and that declined over the years of 2006 to 2009. So in one of those ‘I gotta do something about being healthy’ moments I started to run in early 2010 and signed up for the Wellington Round the Bays – 7km run in 2010 to motivate me. From there on I kept on running..

My goal of this blog is to share my experiences and hopefully motivate and help some of you who are running or even thinking about running to lace up and get out there to complete your first 5k or 10k or whatever!
You can follow me on twitter and Instagram at @74running. Thanks for stopping by!


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