How much do you run?

This is a typical question I get asked from my non running friends and people and even from social runners. When I started running back in 2010 I just ran and didn’t really follow any plan as such. My 2010 goal was to run and get fit. By the end of 2010 I started to track how many kilometers I ran each week. Basically started to keep a spreadsheet of my distances. Then in 2011 I started using the Endomondo app on my iPhone to track my runs.

From 2011 onwards I became a little obsessed with gathering data on each run. I used to have a Polar HR monitor watch and still used the Endomondo app and upload the data to their web site. Then I got a Garmin Forerunner 610 after reading good reviews of it from fellow runners to track my running workouts.

Typically in 2011 my km per week was around 30-50km range and overall it was just building a base and not getting injured. Here is what 2011 looked like broken down per month.

2011 - Training Log by Month

2011 – Training Log by Month

So Jan & Feb were low – 2011 February I ran the Round the Bays Half in 2:02. In April and August I was overseas so didn’t get much running and July/August was a turning point as you can see from September onwards I have an increase in number of Kms.

Let’s look at 2012 – There is definitely a big increase compared to 2011. This is mainly because I was a bit more focused on running and overall wanted to do more events.

2012 - Training Log by Month

2012 – Training Log by Month

As you can see I have steadily increased my Kms despite March and April being low and taking a full three weeks off in September 2012 while traveling.I also ran Round the bays in 1:37 which is my current PB!

Immediately after from October – December it has been consistent around the 230km + mark with November being the most number of Kms. I also have done a bit of Mountain Biking and Hiking which I haven’t included. In fact I did a 100km walk with a team as part of the Oxfam Trailwalker challenge in April 2012!

Currently I range around an average of 60kms per week in total. This is usually where I’m following a set plan and targeting an event. The highs and lows are where I allow enough rest for recovery and then pick up again.

Total Distance Per Week

Total Distance Per Week

My long term goal is to run as long as I can so I don’t put too much stress on my body. Lot of people ask me why I haven’t done a marathon yet. I want to and I am aiming to run the Wellington Marathon in June this year. Overall my goal is to be injury free and that means taking it easy and step by step. Look at this guy Sid Howard – he’s 73 years old and can run a mile in 6:15!!

Happy running!!

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