Marathon training update weeks 2 to 5

I posted about my first week update on the 16 week Marathon training plan that I am currently following a few weeks back! Now I’m well into the program and is at end of week 5. The 16 week Marathon plan has undergone some significant changes since I first published it – the updated version can be found here. This has been due to some valuable feedback from experienced Marathoners and also because of a few *new* events that I have signed up for. First I’ll talk about how the last 4 weeks had gone and then outline the updated plan.

Key highlights:

  • I do at least 1 or 2 runs of approximately 16km or 22km each week regardless of my long run
  • I attended the New Zealand Mountain Running camp in week 4 of the plan and ran about 60kms in 4 days with two back to back runs over 2hrs duration
  • I am recovering faster and can run a 14km run at steady pace
  • I ran a 5km PB (20:28) at Park Run on week 3
  • Ran a steady 25km run in just over 2hrs at an average pace of 5min per km

New Events

Major Updates to the 16 Week Training Plan (Actually 11 weeks to go)

  • Added 3 runs of 35kms to the plan leading into the Marathon
  • Extra Tempo and Interval sessions and Goal Pace runs
  • Track work 1600m repeats and 800m repeats

Below is the breakdown of the updated plan!

Completed 5weeks Marathon

Completed 5weeks Marathon Plan

Note that on Sunday 7th I am running another off-road trail/mountain run of 18km at the Porirua Grand Traverse event. A recap will follow as usual. Head over here to get the latest updated Marathon Plan.

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